1 an emotion excited by what is unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable, esp. surprise mingled with admiration or curiosity etc. 2 a strange or remarkable person or thing, specimen, event etc. 3 having marvellous or amazing properties etc. OED

Friday, 5 March 2010

Quince and I

Our cool smooth skins touch
Our bark warming and softening in the sun
Our bodies breathe the stillness of the air
Our bodies call for nourishment
Feed me, feed me, feed me
We absorb the sun
Growing inside
Ideas will blossom
We will fruit
Building our strength through stillness and contemplation
Storing our energy establishing ourselves in our sunny spot
before we flower and share in our abundance.

These words and photographs document a creative response to an invitational score given to me by Choreographer Itta Howie http://www.ittahowie.madasafish.com

Close your eyes
touch a plant stone tree soil
listen to what it says
about itself
about you
and what the two of you
have in common