1 an emotion excited by what is unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable, esp. surprise mingled with admiration or curiosity etc. 2 a strange or remarkable person or thing, specimen, event etc. 3 having marvellous or amazing properties etc. OED

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

To sit and do nothing is to know where you are

An abundance of plants to identify, some remain without a name that I can give them.
Many man made objects, no longer in their intended use - lie around creating a collage of archeology.
The repetitive cheep of a small common bird imitating the exotic call of the cicada.
A crow yelps and pigeons flap their wings like a clap that punctuates the air.
A spring blackbird harmoniously sings, a wood pigeon cuts through with its distinctive mantra.

My thoughts drift to my domestic practicalities, completely transported to future conversations and mental to do lists.

Brought back here by the rattle shake of the magpie and I refocus on what's before me,
the bleached wood of old buddleia roots and stems stretch out across the hardcore - dug out, hacked down, and abandoned into this wasteland.
More than enough wood to fuel a week of rocket stove cooking.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Adelade Place

Absorbing the warm sun as I sit in this walled garden,
Peaceful and content to be still with millions of organisms' activity around me,
In a secluded corner of this plot I am free to be alone with what is here,
No one notices me, no one is overseeing, no one is watching my inactivity,
No one judges my desire to rest here in this deserted space,
I am free to be amongst the rubbish and the weeds, undisturbed,
I watch unused waste uselessly waiting to be used,
I breath with the weeds which continue to live and grow,
I sit in the presence of this moment.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Viaduct Walk

This video is an experiment. This post was intended just as a sound recording but as there is only the option for video or pictures I decided to put some images with the recording to make a video. The pictures are not of me walking on the Royate Hill viaduct as on the sound but are pictures of me walking on the Bristol - Bath Railway path last summer. So this is just a starting point like everything on this blog - an idea for me to develop.