1 an emotion excited by what is unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable, esp. surprise mingled with admiration or curiosity etc. 2 a strange or remarkable person or thing, specimen, event etc. 3 having marvellous or amazing properties etc. OED

Friday, 27 February 2009


Digging, crumbling, red rich earth.
Elastic leaves of vibrant green abundance.
Self-determined self-disciplined roots, white tubers - casting out bendy lasoos- laying claim to the soil, making home in this moist loam.
And in exchange for a place to stay - a gift of nitrogen is generously given.
My energy moves in - displacing these weeds - an action of effort, forcing diaspora of the ruderal.
They will return, I will return, we will make this play again. We will collaborate in a new action, and remembering our favourite motifs perform 'Weeding' again.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009


This is a soundmap of where I was sitting on a bench on the Bristol to Bath Railway Path overlooking Royate Hill Allotments.

I wrote down the sounds I could hear and mapped their distance in relation to me.

It was impossible to note down all the sounds particularly all the birds singing - there were just so many overlapping one another. I haven't managed to record in words and letters an accurate description of the bird song. There wasn't enough space on my page to map all the bicycle sounds and spoken words I heard passing just beside me.

But what this map does show is the density of movement and sound from both human and non-human activity in the area I chose to sit.

Friday, 20 February 2009

A Walk/ A Collection/ An Exploration


Cleavers/Sticky Willy/GooseGrass/PurifyingTonic






Royate Hill Alder

Dark smooth pathways - a layer of stone specks.
Deep cracks - sharp edges - rough gashes - a worn dent - rounded edges,
intersected by hairlines of bright green.
A fold like kneaded dough - pressed through by a limb - regular tiny drill holes.
A moist sticky cake mixture - set solid in an instant - as the cool breeze blew it cold.
Shapes of land masses, coastlines as they appear on an aerial view.
Strips of moulded clay manipulated and placed.
Raw wounds expose pink tissue - allowing the passing of time to scab over.
An irregular corrugated surface - interconnecting routes and dead ends.